Why Should You Invest in Real Estate in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most preferred places for investors both in Turkey and around the world. Many huge projects such as Canal Istanbul, Istanbul New Airport, North Marmara Highway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge attracted investors. New, developed and branded projects have doubled the value of Istanbul.

Istanbul is an important gateway to the future for investing. Many investors, have made significant profits by investing in real estate in Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the largest urban communities in Europe. Istanbul, has been home to many civilizations in the past. Cultural and civilization diversity, advanced substructure, geographical location, advanced architecture, citizenship opportunity and development potential are the most important reasons to invest in Istanbul.  

In this article, we will try to answer the question of why you should invest in real estate in Istanbul.

Geographical Position

Turkey is a unique country surrounded by seas on all four sides. Turkey; It is among the rare countries that attract everyone’s attention around the world with its nature, sea, untouched lands, historical buildings. Due to, its geographical location in Istanbul, real estate is among the cities that can be invested. Istanbul is the 34th largest city in the world. Istanbul; it is a proper region for investors with its geographical location, strong economy, ease of transportation and rich housing markets.

Advanced Architecture

Istanbul is home to many big projects. Recently, many construction companies have increased their work on real estate in Istanbul. Istanbul’s advanced architecture is one of the important features for investing here. More than $3.1 billion in foreigner investments took place in Istanbul in 2018.  In addition, the Canal Istanbul and Istanbul Airport project, with its huge architecture, supports the reasons for investing.

Citizenship Opportunity

In recent years, financial and investment fees have been reduced for foreigner citizens who want to invest in Turkey. Someone who invests at least USD 400,000 in real estate in Turkey will be able to apply directly for Turkish citizenship.

Development Potential

The real estate market in Istanbul is growing day by day. Istanbul is one of the most colossal cities in the world, constantly developing. Istanbul’s continued growth in the real estate market is a great situation for investors who want to invest in real estate. The growing and developing economic market in Istanbul, can allow you to gain great advantages in the future.


To make an accurate investment, the region you will invest in must have a solid infrastructure.  Istanbul offers a successful investment environment. There are many important projects such as Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, New Istanbul Airport, luxury shopping malls, metro lines, Canal Istanbul Project in Istanbul.

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