Travelling To Turkey By Road and Buying Car

Travelling to Turkey is a luxurious experience in itself. The vibrant culture along with the ancient sites, bold activities, various food delicacies, and distinct landscapes makes the place more rewarding to visit. But if you are travelling to Turkey by road, there are certain rules and regulations you need to follow and of course to visit and explore places having a car is important too! Read the entire article below and get to know about the tips to make the most of your tour which you have been longing for.

Purchasing a Car

Buying a car includes preparing a number of important documents. In case you are willing to buy a brand new car, the entire process will be done by the sales company. This is just a piece of information for the new buyers. Keep yourself perfectly ready with the documents before the beginning of the sales procedure!

Documents you need to have before buying a car –

  • Identity proof
  • Residential address proof and contact number
  • Driving licence along with traffic document given by the dealer (you can go through our previous post if you still do not know how to acquire a driving licence in Turkey)
  • Power of Attorney (in case anyone else is willing to transfer the money)

After all the payments are done, you get the sales confirmation.

Travelling To Turkey By Road

 After you have bought the car for yourself, you need to apply for an automatic passing system (OGS or HGS) from any PTT bank to pass through bridges, subways or maybe highways.

The work of these PTT banks is to provide you with a label which you have to paste in the front of your car. An automatic bill payment system is also available if you do not choose to go through the above-mentioned procedures! Always carry the essential documents along with yourself whenever travelling by road in Turkey.

Driving Culture

You get to meet parking assistants at every parking plaza. They put a label in front of your car stating the moment you parked over there. For parking, you need to pay some amount,  but for the first three hours, parking is absolutely free mostly in the shopping malls. The gas stations in Turkey are very effective. There, you get everything starting from petrol to the facilities, pretty much all the basics you could need on the road!

Road Symbols are considered to be very useful whenever you are travelling in a new place. Turkey has got symbols all over and it makes travelling easier for foreigners who are totally new in the location. These symbols help you to go from one city to another hassle-free.  We suggest going through them once before hand.

Shipping Your Cars To Turkey

 Foreigners can easily drive from other countries to Turkey or can also ship their car if willing to do so! The vehicle should be a registered one to your home country, where you stay.

Overall, driving through Turkey is a wonderfully rewarding experience that is extremely easy to follow! For more details about the same, check out our previous blog here!

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