Top 5 Shopping Malls To Visit In Istanbul

One of the best places to truly understand the modern, metropolitan and daily culture of any city, is to spend some time in its malls. And lucky for you, Istanbul offers the perfect spots to do just that. There are so many options in the city to experience the buzz of the city life and special charm that’s the signature of Istanbul.

Know more about the top 5 shopping malls to definitely visit whenever in Istanbul. Read the following paragraph below and get yourself more enlightened.

Istinye Park

Istinye Park is a shopping space within the Istinye quarter of Istanbul. This space is motivated by the Turkish history. It is a popular market space which also includes an exquisite Turkish food court. One can also have a great shopping experience whenever they are shopping from Istinye Park.

This space has both open-air and enclosed shopping sections. The open-air section consists of street-side shopping and also has got a green central park. Istinye Park has got four levels of underground parking space.

Even if you are not too keen about shopping, you should definitely visit the place at least once. You will not get disappointed!

Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center is not at all a simple shopping mall but it is a multiplex situated in the Besiktas district.

It consists of everything starting from sit down restaurants to movie theatres. This mall is an ‘All in One’ center. It  was built in the year 2013. The entire structure includes residences, offices, public squares and hotels.

This space is a perfect example of modern architecture that makes you feel wonderfully welcome.

Istanbul Cevahir Mall

 One word isn’t enough and cannot describe the entire scenario for this shopping mall which is nothing but, something that comes close is ‘ vast.

This shopping space is located in the Sisli district of Istanbul. It is a very modern shopping mall present over there and is also known as Sisli Culture. The mall came into existence on the 15th of October, 2005. This shopping space is considered to be one among the largest shopping malls of the entire world. Istanbul Cevahir Mall has got a large collection of brands within it and the items over there are really affordable!

Forum Istanbul Alisveris Merkezi

 Forum Istanbul Alisveris Merkezi is an enclosed shopping space consisting of hundreds of branded stores. It is situated in the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul. The mall has got restaurants within it.

Due to the large variety of products available over there, people have got a very good shopping experience at this mall.  It is almost impossible to not check everything off your shopping list here

Mall Of Istanbul

 The Mall of Istanbul is no less than that of the other shopping malls already mentioned above. This shopping space is just 5 kilometres away from Ataturk International Airport. It is also a perfect place for going shopping or spending some quality time with your partners whenever free. This mall offers great discounts for the shoppers and keeps them coming back for more!

Aside from just these five, Istanbul has many vibrant malls that keep the city buzzing! They are one of the most important parts of the popular culture of Istanbul and often leave you awestruck with their beauty, luxury, activity and collection!


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