The Cost of Living in Turkey 2022

If you’re considering moving to Turkey, you should know that the cost of living is very low. Monthly fees for water, electricity, sewerage, telephone, Internet, and even satellite packages are extremely low. However, if you plan to live in an apartment building, you will have to pay apartment aidat, which is a fee for communal services in an apartment building. This fee can range from 400 to 1500 TL per month.

How Much Does it Cost Live Turkey?

The cost of groceries in Turkey is significantly less than in most European countries. This can be a huge savings for budget-conscious individuals. It is also cheaper to buy produce from local markets than in supermarkets. For example, a week’s worth of food in a local market can cost as little as L300 ($16,70). Meat prices range from L120 ($6,68) to L150 ($8,35) per kilogram, depending on where you live. The most common type of meat consumed in Turkey is chicken, which costs about L70 ($3,90) per kilogram.

Cost of Getting Turkish Residency and Citizenship

If you want to acquire Turkish citizenship and residency, you have to make a large investment in the country. The Turkish government has introduced new legislation, which will take effect on June 13, 2022. The new legislation will require a minimum investment of $400,000 in real estate. Moreover, you should maintain the investment for a period of at least three years.

The Cost Of Food in Turkey

The cost of food in Turkey is expected to soar by 2022. This country has 84 million people, and rising consumer prices are hitting its citizens hard. Prices have risen sharply in recent months, and some people are no longer able to afford even the most basic needs. However, Turkey’s economy is doing better than most, and there are signs that it could start to stabilize by 2022.

The lira’s value will keep inflation high. As a result, prices for meat and poultry will increase. Turkey’s annual inflation rate is forecast to stay above 20% through mid-2022, and more than 70 percent in the first half of the year. The country is also facing a recession in Russia and Ukraine, which will have a negative impact on the country’s exports.

The Cost Of Housing anr Rent in Turkey

The cost of housing and rent in Turkey is on the rise. While prices in big cities are relatively inexpensive, the cost of housing in resort cities is much higher. According to a report by Turk Estate, the cost of housing per square meter rose by almost 30% in March. In addition, the average duration of return on investment for real estate has decreased from 19 years to 17 years.

Public Transportion Cost in Turkey

The General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations said that expenses were four times higher than the company’s income in April 2022, due to recent fuel price increases. The price of one liter of diesel rose by 158 percent to 21.2 liras. Another factor that contributes to the increase in transportation costs is the cost of foreign currency. In April 2022, the value of one US dollar increased from 9.9 lira to 14.7 lira.

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