The Best Areas to Buy a Property in Istanbul

Istanbul, the 34th largest city in the world, is the world’s attraction. Istanbul, welcomes many tourists around the world every year. Istanbul; It fascinates everyone with its natural beauties, azure sea, charming bridges, rich cultural heritage, unique historical buildings and wonderful air.  

Istanbul is a very convenient area for those who want to buy property. It has many developed and developing district. Due to, you can buy property for investment purposes in Istanbul. In this article, we will list the best regions to buy property in Istanbul in 2022.


Atasehir is one of the best regions to buy property in Istanbul in 2022. Atasehir is one of the developing districts in Istanbul. It is one of the districts that will gain value in 2022. The risk of earthquakes is low in the region. There are huge new building sites. In the region, The International Finance Center project has a big impact. Owing to, Ataşehir is an important investment center.

Istanbul Airport Area

Istanbul airport is among the largest airports in the world. There are many possibilities for those who want to buy property in the airport area. Being the most magnificent airport in the world is a great investment opportunity. Its development in terms of transportation has led to an increase in value in the environment. Istanbul airport area is a unique region for those who want to buy property.

Regions Around The ‘’Canal Istanbul’’ Project

The Canal Istanbul Project, has been among the most important investments in Turkey recently. Therefore, the regions around the Canal Istanbul project are very valuable.  In 2022, is among the richest regions for those who want to buy property in Istanbul. Buying property from land located around the Canal Istanbul project will allow you to invest in an accurate and profitable property in Istanbul.

North Marmara Highway 

Land around the North Marmara Highway is one of the most profitable options for those, who want to buy property in 2022. The North Marmara highway, provides access from the European side to the Asian Side with the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge. It offers the most comfortable access to istanbul’s main transportation places. Suitable to be considered as an investment for those who want to buy property. In this region, many properties have been purchased recently and the area has been home to strong investments.


Arnavutköy is located on the European Side of Istanbul. This district has strong investment opportunities. For those, who want to buy property, Arnavutköy is a magnet. Many beauties around Arnavutköy, such as large plots of land, green forests and Lake Terkos are among the features that make this region unique. As a result, Arnavutköy is one of the most popular regions for buying property in 2022.


Maltepe is a central region located on the Asian Side of Istanbul. In Maltepe, you can easily reach many parts of the city. This region is a region, where you can use the ease of transportation attracts many investors with its surrounding natural areas and coast. Besides, Maltepe has recently hosted many large and branded projects. As a result, Maltepe is among the preferred regions for buying property.

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