As a Developer and project marketing company we are really happy working with Homegaturkey Real estate Company, Together we sold many apartments to foreigners and investors from different countries , im Wishing Mr Fahim Sediqi and His Team a very successful business.

Ali Reza


تشکری میکنم از شرکت سرمایه گذاری هومیگا ترکی و آقای فهیم صدیقی . امیدوارم همیشه موفق باشین با تمام همکاران عزیز شما

Mustafa A.


Hello, My name is Mohammad Mustafa  and I had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Fahim Sediqi and the super team under his leadership in homegaturkey for the purchase of my  2 apartments in Istanbul at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.When I decided to purchase my property, I conducted a thorough market search and worked with a number of real estate companies, including some well-known names in the Turkish Real Estate market. I looked at several properties in different parts of Turkey, but none of the real estate companies met my needs and expectations like Homegaturkey did.

It was not an easy decision to make a huge investment to buy a property online that is still under construction in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Homegaturkey and their  outstanding communication skills, hard effort, kindness, honesty, and integrity were all instrumental in making it possible.Mr. Fahim was very sympathetic and supportive during the entire process, and he properly expressed my wants and expectations to the construction company in the property of my choosing. His negotiating abilities and attention to detail were essential in securing us a wonderful deal and a lovely home in Istanbul.Mr. Fahim and his Team we appreciate your professionalism and we consider ourselves fortunate to have worked with you and your Company. We are looking forward to continuing our personal and professional relationship.


Farhoud From Iran

I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your excellent success as a real estate agent with whom we worked.

When I was looking for real estate in Istanbul, I came across the “Homegaturkey Real Estate company ”.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been introduced to you. I recall you walking us through all of the available choices for purchasing properties in Istanbul, whether they were shops or apartments. We eventually decided to buy an apartment in Istanbul. You have assisted me in obtaining a competent lawyer who handled the administrative aspects of Turkish citizenship for me. As a result, I am fully pleased with the way you treated the situation.

I would like to recommend you as the best and most experienced real estate agent in Istanbul to anyone looking to buy a home in Istanbul.

Your Sincerely

Dan F. Dannish


I’d like to thank Homegaturkey Real estate company and all of their workers for their generous assistance with everything.

Mr Fahim Sediqiassisted me in process of buying property, and I felt very safe the whole time. He was very professional, and he had answers to all of my questions. He has also delivered the best support in a timely manner in the entire process and I would like to wish its company a very best of luck.

Mr Alireza

I had a really good experience with Homegaturkey real estate company, so I traveled to Turkey to see how the real estate market is.

They help me to look around and show me properties that meet all of my requirements.

I had no intention of purchasing a property at this time, but it was a property I couldn’t pass up, so with the assistance of Homegaturkey and my sales advisor here, I was able to make a decent investment at a very good price. He explains each phase of the procedure. So, I am delighted to suggest homegaturkey because they have done an outstanding job.