Study, Work, and Live in Turkey with a Residence Permit

Obtaining a Turkish residence permit is one of the ways foreigners can live in Turkey for more than three months. In other words, if you are a foreign national and wish to live in Turkey for more time than your visit visa permits, you must obtain a residence permit.

The permit will not only allow you to reside in Turkey, explore its beautiful landscape, and experience its rich culture but will also give you the legal permission to study and work here. Foreign nationals with Turkish residence permit are also allowed to open a bank account, make investments, purchase properties, run a business, obtain a driver’s license, and get married.

Types of Turkish Residence Permits

Turkey offers several different types of residence permits, depending on one’s purpose of extending their stay, the type of visa they have, and their intended period of residence in Turkey. However, they can be broadly classified into two categories:

1. Short-Term Residence Permit

A short-term permit allows foreigners to live in Turkey for a maximum period of two years. However, the exact amount of time granted to each applicant can vary, depending on their declared purpose.

Short-term residence permit of Turkey can be obtained for any of the following reasons:

  • Tourism
  • Educational purposes
  • To learn Turkish language (by attending a learning course)
  • To establish business
  • To participate in an in-service training program
  • For medical treatment, provided that you’re not suffering from a disease that is a threat to public health
  • For scientific research

Required documents for short-term residence permit

  • Residence permit application form
  • Original and a copy of the passport or travel document
  • Four biometric photographs
  • Proof of sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay
  • Residence certificate of the applicant
  • Invitation letter or documents issued by the person / business to be contacted
  • Valid medical insurance (one of the required documents)
  • Marriage certificate

2. Long-Term Residence Permits

Long-term Turkish residence permits can be further divided into the following main types:

  • Student Residence Permit – To receive higher education in Turkey
  • Family Residence Permit – Issued to the foreign spouse and family of a Turkish national. It requires the sponsor to provide proof of income, enough to support their families.
  • Permanent Residence Permit – Foreigners who have lived in Turkey for at least 8 years, continuously and legally, can apply to obtain permanent residence in Turkey.

Turkish Residence Permit by Investment

In addition to all the above mentioned options, Turkish government also allows foreign investors to apply for a Turkish residence permit by purchasing a property in the country.

1. Buying a Property under $400,000

This makes you eligible to apply for short-term residence permit. This permit doesn’t require you to stay in Turkey, continuously. It can also be converted into permanent residence by singing a bond with the government to not sell your property for five years. After the completion of five-year period, you can also apply for Turkish citizenship.

2. Buying a Property over $400,000

The purchase of a property in Turkey that is worth $400,000or more makes you eligible to apply for Turkish permanent residence or citizenship. You’ll, however, need to sign a binding agreement to not sell your property for three years.

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Required documents for long-term residence permit

  • Form of application for a residence permit
  • Original and a copy of the passport or travel document
  • Copy of the previous residence permit document
  • Four biometric photographs
  • Evidence that the applicant has not received any social assistance from government institutions and organizations in the last three years
  • Evidence of sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay.
  • Marriage certificate

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