HomegaTurkey – Helping Foreigners Purchase Properties in Turkey Online

While Turkey was never a closed economy, the country had a reciprocity law in place for foreigners making property investments. However, it all changed with the introduction of citizenship by investment program in January 2017. To open up the country’s economy and to attract more foreign investors, the country now allows anyone to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth $250,000 in the country.

Want to buy a property in Turkey, but can’t travel?

HomegaTurkey has got you covered!

HomegaTurkey Offers Virtual Tours to Help Property Buyers Make Right Decisions

Buying a property that too in a foreign country is a long and tricky process. From shortlisting the properties to completing the paperwork, there are several steps involved in the process, and a lot of things can go wrong in it. Since you are not aware of the foreign country’s real estate market and its dynamics, here’s also a risk of falling prey to scams and frauds.

The complexity of the process increases multifold when you are not physically present in the foreign land. It’s hard to make such a huge investment decision without visiting and inspecting the property. At HomegaTurkey, we intend to make this process easier for you. This is why we offer virtual tours to foreigners interested to invest in Turkish real estate.

We use cutting-edge technology to offer you a realistic experience. Our virtual tours are detailed, offering you the opportunity to navigate and explore every area of the property from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to buy a holiday home in Turkey, are planning to relocate to the Eurasian country, or want to buy a property for investment purposes, we can help you grab the best deal. We are a team of experienced real estate agents, property consultants, investment experts, and lawyers. We not only know the best locations in Turkey for every type of property but are also aware of the legal nitty-gritty of the buying process for citizens of different countries.

If you are located in Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Dubai, or the UK, you can get in touch with our local representatives to discuss your requirements and schedule virtual tours for the properties that meet your needs. If you live in any other country, contact our head office in Istanbul to evaluate your options, virtually.

HomegaTurkey is dedicated to helping foreigners take advantage of Turkey’s innovative policies. Turkey has a rapidly growing economy, and the Turkish passport gives visa-free and visa-on-arrival facilities to more than 100 countries. Buying a property in Turkey is the simplest, quickest, and foolproof way of benefiting from the country’s growing economy and acquire a second passport.

Visit the Why Turkey page to learn more about the benefits of making real estate investment in Turkey or contact us to find your options.