Istanbul Canal and the Business It Brings To Turkey

You might be wondering what are the benefits that the Istanbul Canal will be providing to the entire of Turkey? But before letting you know the key points, you should know that the first step has already been taken by the Turkish President towards the development of the Istanbul Canal. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is quite confident about the new project and he considers it to be a historic, ‘new page’ in Turkey’s development. The President of Turkey quoted it well! He said, ‘Today we are opening a new page in the history of Turkey’s development.’ He said this in the month of July at a groundbreaking ceremony of Sazlidere Bridge over the planned route. 

The project got approved by the Environmental Report which included research carried out by around 56 institutions. More than 150 scientists participated in the research work! It got over with the participation of citizens and fieldwork. 

How it helps:

The canal has been hailed as an economic boon. It will help import and produce crucial resources and economic resources for the entire country. 

  • It is more efficient and saves travel time in delays and waiting periods with the new time tables.
  • By bringing in more trade and more connectivity, the new canal will develop employment for a large number of people.
  • The new canal will decrease a crucial percentage of the pollution created by the ships present in the Bosphorus Strait into Istanbul, Turkey
  • The new canal will make the Bosphorus Strait more beautiful along with the historical monuments and its environment! This will attract a huge number of tourists to the location both to tour and applaud.
  • The new canal will provide a number of opportunities to develop urban projects. It is heard that around 250,000 houses will be made on either side of the canal.   
  • A total number of 6 bridges will be created above the canal, renovating Istanbul into a city of 2 seas.
  • The new canal will also decrease the sea traffic issue which the Bosphorus Strait is presently suffering from!

Aside from these the new canal will be Earthquake proof and will provide more security and safety precautions to the local residents along with the users.

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The construction of the Istanbul Canal has already begun in the month of June 2021. Despite the criticism and the environmental problems, the mega project is being taken forward for serving the objective of preventing and obviating the dangers posed by the ships in the Bosphorus Strait. The mega project has been superbly planned and talked about for a number of years, before executing it fully and considerably. Not only this but also the Istanbul Canal project was approved by the country’s Environmental and Urbanization Ministry.  

In 7 years or so, the entire project is expected to be completed. Time flies by! Soon we all will get to know the outcome of the mega project which is going on. Everyone has got great hopes for the success and the completion of the Istanbul Canal. 

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