Istanbul: A New Channel of Business Into Turkey

The prime location of Istanbul connected east and west of two continents for centuries and has been a key trading point for them. Although the market stalls of the Silk Road have been supplemented by gleaming skyscrapers and important banks, Turkey’s biggest city remains one of the most premier business destinations in the global market. Istanbul has a unique geo-location which gives the city a vibrant and mixed international culture, breeding with innovations and dynamic start-up scenes.

Establishing a business in Istanbul

To enter the world of investments from its widest door, the establishment of a business in one of the most important cities of Turkey is very essential. Specifically, in the light of the recent government support and laws that provide extensive facilities to stimulate investments, especially real estate investments.  Feel free to talk to us to find out more!

Istanbul is boosted with a fast-growing economy and untapped market opportunities with a substantial market for investment. 

The strategic location between key markets of Europe, Middle East Russia and Central Asia serves as an access point to the EMEA region. Business incubators, co-working spaces and accelerators are mushrooming around Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul is vibrant, demanding and beautiful with a cultural mixture of past and present. The investment in the real estate business of Istanbul is a way to enter into a connection with the city which can be successful, stimulating and rewarding.

Istanbul: The Top City of Turkey for Foreign Investment

The city may not be the capital of Turkey but it has always been in the limelight of Turkey. The largest percentage of working-class talent is accommodated by the biggest city in the country. The main tourist spot of Turkey is well connected by more than 55 countries across the world which stimulates business opportunities.

The international airport has become a main attraction to the country as the city as business travels are more convenient and facilitating, connecting major cities. This is the reason, Istanbul enjoys one of the main commercial features of the country.

The properties of Istanbul are famous for the city life as well as the close business and work possibilities delivered evenly. The real estate businesses in Istanbul assure rental income irrespective of the property type and its liquidity potential which is assured to positively spike every year.

If an investor is seeking property investment or business in Turkey, the city of Istanbul serves a wide variety of real estate opportunities. The city is inculcated with many cultures and practices which is the key point to invest and attract the economy of Turkey. Regardless of the requirements or budget, an investor can find suitable options in Istanbul.

Homega encompasses some of the many different kinds of properties offered by the city, residential, investment based, short term rental and many more.

Business in Istanbul

There is an old saying that if the world were one country then Istanbul would be its capital. There is no need to be a business genius to know that Istanbul is a hub for business and investments. Though the economic challenges of Turkey, the businesses of Turkey are booming. The property opportunities for foreign investors are attractively priced. 

The returns on investment in property investment have the highest potential in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul. This feature has encouraged a rise in foreign purchases, primarily by buyers from Gulf countries. There is a wide range of choices in price and locations that generate handsome rental incomes for investors.


The major new developments and construction projects with a touch of urbanization and transportation infrastructure are some of the attractive reasons that attract the attention of investors and provide long-term profit potential due to capital gains and rental yields. Citizenship for foreign investors is most preferred for the city of Istanbul because of the new regulations. These citizenship laws offer foreigners an advantage to invest in Turkey. Check out our previous blogs or our website for more info!

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