How to Become a Turkish Citizenship as an Indian?

India and Turkey have a long history of cooperation. In 1948, diplomatic ties were established and ambassadors were swapped. High-level visits were held on a regular basis. Turkey and India are both middle-income secular democracies with significant historical ties, prompting one prominent Turkish legislator to call the two nations “natural friends” recently.

The nascent alliance has made the most progress in the field of commerce. In reality, trade volume between the two countries increased from $505 million in 2000 to $8.7 billion in 2018. (see Chart 1). In reality, India has overtaken China as Turkey’s second-largest East Asian trading partner.

Turkey is a popular tourist destination because of its pleasant temperature and strategic position. A tourist passport allows you to travel to over 100 countries without a visa, including Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Turkey is a transcontinental country that lies halfway between Europe and Asia. It is an attractive country for visitors and investors due to its handy location. 

 There are a variety of ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport to take advantage of the benefits that come with it. Marriage to a Turkish spouse, labor/employment, birth or adoption, investment, or property purchase are all ways for an Indian to get Turkish nationality. The prerequisites for gaining Turkish citizenship via investment have been made easier and legal doors have been opened as a result of the most recent rules.

Purchasing property is one of the most popular ways for Indians to obtain Turkish citizenship. The quickest and safest approach to complete this process is to purchase a property worth at least 250.000 USD with a three-year selling restriction on the same property. As a result, you may benefit from becoming a Turkish citizen while also making a sensible investment. Furthermore, as compared to alternative methods of gaining citizenship, purchasing a home can save you nearly ten years in the process.

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