How Long Does it Take to Buy A Property in Turkey?

If you want to buy Turkish property, your options are quite wide. If you want to invest, Turkey has very advantageous options in real estate. These can be summarized as follows;

  1. Affordable Property Prices
  2. Profitable for Investors
  3. Low Cost of Living
  4. Low Income / Property Tax
  5. Adopting Modern Construction Technology
  6. Turkish Citizenship Opportunity
  7. Turkey’s Unique Geographical Position
  8. Multicultural Life in Turkey
  9. Qualified Education
  10. High quality healthcare

For such reasons, Turkey attracts many people who want to invest in real estate every year. Moreover, all processes are progressing very quickly.

The entire process, from the taking of the investment decision to its finalization, is completed in approximately 12 to 16 weeks. It is also possible to complete it in a shorter time if the right agency is selected.

What’s the Property Market Like in Turkey?

How is the Property Turkey market? In a report published by The Institute of Statistics in Turkey, it shows that 320,063 houses and apartments were sold in the first quarter of 2022. 134,170 of these took place in March. With February, demand also increased.

In this respect, the real estate market continues to develop in Turkey. If you want to invest, it is possible to find the best solutions for you instantly with a consultancy agency.

Is it Safe to Buy Property in Turkey?

Is property Turkey safe? Those who want to invest naturally wonder how reliable it is. In addition to neighbouring countries, Turkey has a very safe geography. So you don’t have to worry about your or your families safety.

In addition, the living conditions in the country are both convenient and luxurious when compared to the surrounding countries. Everyone has easy access to education and health. The number of hospitals, universities and other health & education institutions is quite large.

In addition, transportation in the country is quite developed. It is possible to travel both between countries and between cities by air.

How Can I Find a Property in Turkey?

People who have not bought real estate from a country before, naturally, may not have information about what to do.

If you are saying how to buy a property in Turkey, it is recommended to go to a consultancy firm so that the transactions are carried out quickly and without any problems. If you explain what you want and needs to the company’s officials here, you can quickly decide on the most suitable options for you among the options suitable for your budget.

Then you just need to make the purchases. After this is completed, you must go to the Land Registry Office (In Turkish: TAPU) and take the necessary actions.

If you buy a real estate that you will use as a house in Turkey, it is also possible to apply for a residence permit through it.

What you should not forget in this process is to determine your needs and wishes correctly. Because companies provide their consultancy services within the framework of your wishes.

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