How Long Can You Stay in Turkey if You Own a Property?

How long can real estate owners stay in Turkey? This question is evaluated by both foreigners who own real estate in Turkey and those who are considering investing.

Whether you own property or not, a foreigner can stay in Turkey for 90 days within 180 days. However, homeowners can stay longer. Residence permit allows foreigners to stay in the country for more than 90 days.

Homeowners can apply for a residence permit by showing their title deeds. However, the persons in question must renew their residence permits every year during the ownership period.

About Staying in Turkey

Residence permit in Turkey helps you get a residence permit in the country. You need to pay attention to some points when obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. Some of these are outlined below;

To apply for a residence permit, the property must be used for residential purposes. Therefore, you must own a house or flat. Immovable properties should also be used in this context. Therefore, commercial agricultural land may not be approved if the property has been purchased.

  1. People must abide by the rules.
  2. Applications for renewal begin 60 days before the expiry of the residence permit. Real estate owners should also pay attention to this.
  3. If there is a change of address during the residence period, the competent authorities should be notified. The data regarding the new address should be sent to the authorized institutions.

In addition, real estate residence permit in Turkey does not bring a work permit to individuals. Therefore, a separate permit must be obtained for this. However, obtaining a valid work permit also gives permission to stay within the said period. However, the main difference from the residence permit is that the residence permit also ends with the completion of the work.

Residence Permit in Turkey

If you want to get a residence permit in Turkey, it must be a property that you use as a house. At this point, you need to pay attention to some points when buying. In Turkey, a foreign national can buy a maximum of 30 hectares of land.

Also, the property should not be located in security zones, military forbidden places. In addition, foreign real persons can buy property up to 10 percent of the area where the private property is located.

If it is not used for the purpose of purchase, liquidation may be applied by the official authorities. These points to be considered are also within the scope of real estate residence permit in Turkey.

Where Can I Extend My Residence Permit in Turkey?

If you own real estate in Turkey and you can apply for a residence permit. Application for this is done through the e-residence system.

Then, some documents are delivered to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. In this process, the validity period of the passport of the person must be at least 60 days more than the period requested for the residence permit.

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