How Foreigners Obtain Turkish Driving Licence and What’s Cost Of Driving Licence

The ability to be able to drive and commute at will gives you unparalleled freedom. And driving through scenic landscapes or bustling cities gives you one of the best methods to explore a new country.

The most necessary requirement of driving, however, is a In order to obtain a Turkish driving license, firstly you need to know the requirements.


Foreign applicants should definitely have these documents whenever applying for a Turkish driving license. Application forms can be fetched from the Driver’s Association office.

  • A dozen of photographs
  • Original ID with Turkish translation
  • Passport
  • Blood group certificate (determination of the blood type of the applicant)
  • Turkish identification card
  • A copy of the residence permit
  • Certificate from the tax councils revealing the paid driving license fee (receive the receipt from them)
  • Health certificate from any nearby health clinic (if itis a private hospital, the price may vary from one hospital to another, the eye test is very important)
  • Legal foreign driving license (colorful copy, both front, and back)
  • Turkish interpretation of the driving license
  • Graduation certificate 

These are the bare essential things that all driving license applicants should have with themselves. Everything mentioned above should have a photocopy and an original copy with the applicant.

An important Guide To All the Foreign Applicants

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things globally and in Turkey.

The risk is much higher now as compared to previous decades, which is why the norms have changed. The need for proper documentation of travel has become more important and as a result so have driving licences.

Luckily, the process of getting one  isn’t difficult at all!

For the first 6 months, foreigners can drive in Turkey with their foreign licenses. But, after that, you will be needing Turkish driving licenses to continue driving, lawfully.

There are two possible ways to have a legal Turkish driving license. One is, you can convert your original driving license. And the other one is, you can apply for a Turkish driving license which would be your first license in Turkey.

In order to get a driving license, you need to pass a two-step driving examination. The first part consists of a writing test and the second or the final part consists of a driving test. Passing both of the steps is equally important!

Applicants at least need to be school graduates, if willing to collect a driving license for themselves. So, during the registration procedure, you need to present your graduation certificate.

Fingerprints of the applicant are taken at the police station. This does not take much time. The responsible person would collect all of your documents and your signature samples will be taken at that point in time. This is taken to be used in your driving license. After the completion of all of the above-mentioned procedures, your driving license will be issued within twelve days or so!

The entire process is efficient and all encompassing.

Cost Of Acquiring a Driving Licence In Turkey

The costs get upgraded every year in Turkey. Fees can be paid a day prior to the driving test in any of the local banks present near your residence. This can also be paid for with the help of your driving center. The charge is 100 Turkish lira.

The cost of the medical certification needed to prove fitness varies from hospital to hospital.

All things considered, as a non Turkish citizen, it is extremely easy to travel through Turkey, provided one follows the norms!

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Driving license in Turkey for foreigners – all terms and conditions 2021

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