How Do I Get an Investor Visa for Turkey?

Citizenship by investment, also known as Turkey Golden Visa, helps foreign investors obtain a Turkish passport within 3 to 6 months.

So if you want to invest, there are great opportunities. Thus, you can make a profit by making a successful investment in a constantly developing place. You can also obtain Turkish citizenship. To do this, you need to buy real estate worth at least $250,000. You also have different solutions.

You can achieve the same result if you make an investment that provides job opportunities for Turkish citizens. If you want to get detailed information about Visa investor relations and find the most suitable place for investment, you can contact a consultancy agency.

Turkey Golden Visa

Turkish citizenship by investment has attracted the attention of many investors lately. If you want to apply for this visa type, there are options such as;

  1. Acquisition of real estate with a minimum value of $250,000 USD.
  2. Holding the investment for a minimum of 3 years by purchasing government bonds of at least 500,000 USD
  3. Establishment of a business employing a minimum of 50 people
  4. Minimum 3 years by investing a minimum of 500,000 US dollars in a Turkish bank
  5. Apart from these, a minimum of 500,000 USD can be invested in real estate mutual fund shares or venture capital mutual fund shares for a period of 3 years.

All of these can help you with Turkish citizenship by investment.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship with Investment Options?

Citizenship by investment has different options. If you want to get an investor visa, you can examine each of them.

But in this process it is important to find what works best for you. In addition, where and how the investment is made is also important in gaining value in the future.

Therefore, instead of making quick decisions, you can reach the best solutions if you get help from a consulting firm. If you clearly state your wants and needs, you can find the places that suit you best. Thus, you can easily make more successful investments and apply for a golden visa.

Who Can Apply for a Turkey Investment Visa?

There are some requirements for the golden visa application. It is especially important who can apply. The main lines of the criteria are as follows;

  1. Investor is an adult
  2. The investor has no criminal history
  3. Never staying in Turkey illegally
  4. Determining the status of the investment
  5. Legal earning of money invested

If you provide these, you can also make the application process.

What are the Benefits of a Turkey Investment Visa?

Turkish citizenship by investment can be obtained between 3 and 6. Therefore, it is a very fast process. Thus, a permanent residence can also be taken.

In addition, if you are a Turkish citizen, you can also apply for a US E2 Investment Visa. This allows individuals to live, invest, and work within the United States.

Apart from all these, it also allows you to enter 110 countries comfortably as visa-free.

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