Differences Between Asian and European Side of Istanbul

Which is Better – the Asian Side or the European Side of Istanbul? This article will explore the differences between the two sides of the city and whether the European side is better for Real Estate Investment. The article will also discuss the pros and cons of living in either side, and how the two sides compare in terms of safety and security.

Which is Better Istanbul Asia or Istanbul Europe?

Istanbul is a megacity and it is possible to buy investment property on either the European or Asian side. The demand for real estate in the region is continuously increasing. As such, Istanbul is one of the best cities in the world for real estate investment. If you are planning to buy real estate in Istanbul, it is essential to analyze both sides to make the right decision. Both sides have different lifestyles and amenities.

The Most Important Differences Between the European and Asian side of Istanbul

There are differences between the European and Asian side of Istanbul, and each has their own distinct character. While the European side is a popular tourist destination, it is also the center of business, industry, and trade. The Asian side is a more quiet and residential area. It is much greener, and the Asian side is considered less cosmopolitan and European.

The Asian side is residential and lush, and the city is divided into districts and towns. Each of these has its own distinctive qualities and characteristics, which make it attractive to both foreign and local tourists. You can spend your time strolling through the bazaars in this area, which offer a wide variety of produce, clothing, and spices.

Which Is Better for Real Estate Investment in Europe Istanbul or Asia Istanbul?

One of the best real estate investments in Turkey is in the city of Istanbul. It is a beautiful city with green landscape and moderate climate, making it an attractive option for investors and tourists alike. European Istanbul is also home to some of the country’s most important real estate projects, as well as a wealth of historical monuments.

If you’re considering purchasing an apartment in Istanbul, be sure to choose a location that offers you easy access to the city’s top tourist destinations, and a wide variety of shopping and entertainment venues. The European side of Istanbul also offers a stunning shoreline and many family activities.

While most investors will focus on the European side of Istanbul, the Asian side of Istanbul presents its own set of opportunities. For example, while the European side of Istanbul offers more tranquil neighborhoods, it is also home to new areas with rising investment values. Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, and Esenyurt are prime examples of these areas.

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