What are the Conditions for Foreigners to Buy a House and Land in Turkey?

The conditions for foreigners to buy a house in Turkey and what they should pay attention to when buying real estate is a subject that is very curious and contains important details. Not every foreigner is allowed to buy real estate in Turkey, certain restrictions have been introduced on the subject.

In our article, we will explain in detail the things that foreigners should pay attention to when buying real estate in Turkey, what conditions the purchase process is bound to, what are the limitations regarding the purchase process. We recommend that you read our article carefully, as it is an important subject and contains technical details.

There are many things that foreigners should consider when buying real estate in Turkey. An error to be made at any stage during the purchasing process may have consequences against the foreigner. For this reason, it is important for foreigners to act by considering the things that should be considered while buying real estate in Turkey and to carry out the purchasing procedures with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Limits on Foreigners’ Acquisition of Real Estate in Turkey

It is possible for foreigners to purchase real estate in Turkey. However, the purchase is subject to various conditions. The regulation on the subject is found in article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644. The limits regarding the acquisition of real estate by foreigners in Turkey can be listed as follows:

There is a limitation for the citizens of the countries that can buy real estate from Turkey.

If the buyer is a natural person, his citizenship must be in the citizenship allowed by the President.
In order for foreigners to purchase real estate in Turkey, the total area of ​​the purchased real estate must not exceed 10% of the privately owned district area.
The purchase of real estate by real persons is limited to 30 hectares per person throughout the country. However, in some cases this limit can be extended up to 60 hectares. The authority to make this enlargement rests with the President.
Legal persons other than trading companies cannot make real estate investments in Turkey. Trade companies can make this investment after they submit their projects regarding the real estate they want to buy. If the immovable purchased in this way is used for purposes other than the project purpose, the liquidation of the immovable is carried out by the relevant Ministry.
Foreigners are not allowed to acquire real estate in military forbidden zones and security zones. In these areas, foreigners cannot buy or rent real estate.
In addition to these restrictions, the President has the right to impose additional restrictions and limitations. Restrictions not mentioned above may be imposed to the extent required by the interests of the President of the country. This restriction can also be in the form of a complete prohibition.

It is very important to act in accordance with the above-mentioned limitations. A purchase that violates the restriction will not be valid. It is necessary to get help from a lawyer in order to carry out the transactions, taking into account the restrictions at the time of purchase.

Documents Required for Foreigners to Buy Real Estate in Turkey

Foreigners who want to buy real estate in Turkey must first make an application for this. This application is made to the Land Registry Office. The documents that should be included in the applications made by real persons can be listed as follows:

  • Identity and passport of the foreigner
  • Fair value certificate for the real estate planned to be purchased
    Housing, workplace, etc. of the real estate. Compulsory earthquake insurance policy in case of building
  • Title deed of the real estate
  • Photo of seller and buyer
  • If the purchase will be made with a power of attorney made abroad, the original, certified copy and translation of this power of attorney.

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