Our Company

HomegaTurkey is a leading name in Turkey’s real estate, specializing in property consultancy and investment. HomegaTurkey has been helping international investors, both individual and businesses, to take advantage of Turkey’s booming economy for number of years.

Our Vision and Mission

At HomegaTurkey, we aim to act as a bridge between international property buyers, both individuals and businesses, and Turkey’s real estate.

Having worked with international clients for a long time, we know that they often need help to figure out how they should go about making property investments in Turkey. What areas or types of properties are best to invest in and the legal procedure of buying a property in Turkey. To help them make the right decisions, we have put together a large team of property advisors, lawyers, and investment experts with extensive experiences in Turkey’s real estate industry.

We have all the information that any property buyer may need at our fingertips.

Whether you want to buy a residential property in Turkey or considering investing in the country’s booming business landscape, we can help you put your money in the right place. Simply put, we help you buy properties that will offer good return on investment (ROI).

Why Work With HomegaTurkey?

We enjoy the trust of a large number of local construction firms and international investors alike. We also have the best team of property experts on board. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to work with us while making investment decisions in Turkey’s property market, here are a few more:

Top 4 Reasons to Work With Us

1. We Have Official Licenses and Contracts with Leading Construction Companies

Ask anyone to name their biggest fear with regards to making foreign investments and you are likely to get the same answer 99% of the times – falling prey to frauds and scams. Unfortunately, they are quite common in the real estate industry.

When working with HomegaTurkey, you can put all your fears to rest. We not only hold official licenses to operate in real estate, but also have contracts with several renowned construction companies of the country. We are legal and recognized property investment firm.

2. We Are Present in Six Other Countries

Can’t travel to Turkey? No worries! We also have offices in the UK, Dubai, Pakistan, India, Iran, and Afghanistan. If you’re from these countries, you can meet our representatives and make property investments in Turkey without leaving your hometown.

3. We Can Speak Your Language

Your inability to speak Turkish shouldn’t stop you from making one of your best financial decisions; of investing in an emerging market economy. At HomegaTurkey, we have eradicated the language barrier between us and our international clients. Many of our team members are bilinguals and multilinguals, so no matter what your language is, chances are we have someone who can speak your language.

4. We Are the Pros

Investment decisions require in-depth knowledge about the industry; its dynamics, the laws that govern and regulate it, and the factors (both internal and external) that can affect its growth. They also require risk analysis and legal information to do the paperwork. It’s difficult (if not impossible) for any person to have all expertise in all these areas. As a result, many people end up making wrong investment decisions.

Don’t let your hard-earned money go waste – we are here to help!
At HomegaTurkey, we have experts for all these areas to help you make sound investment decisions.
Visit our Why Turkey page to learn about the prospects of investing in Turkey’s real estate or contact us to get started!