8 Reasons to Buy Property in Turkey

If you’re seeking solid reasons or wondering why so many foreigners are interested in purchasing property in Turkey, then take a seat and relax since Turkey has a lot to offer first-time and repeat purchasers of all countries. 

Mentioned below are some of the reasons to buy property in Turkey-
1. The Turkish property market has been overhauled in the previous 10 years, resulting in a portfolio of studios, apartments, and villas of astonishing sizes. The sky’s the limit whether you desire a resale property or are interested in off-plan and new construction.

2. Turkey’s real estate market is quite investor-friendly, with a large selection of homes appropriate for all budgets and flexible payment arrangements. You should consider purchasing a home in Turkey, especially if you want to make a lucrative investment at a low cost.

3. The abundance of interests and things to do is one of the less-mentioned but still important reasons to purchase property in Turkey. Inhabitants of all major towns have access to cultural and art scenes, while residents of coastal resorts on the Aegean and Mediterranean enjoy the bonus of beach living, with so much of everyday life taking place outside.

4. Without a question, the cost of living is a driving element in deciding where to buy a home, regardless of where you are in the world. When we evaluate the living circumstances in Turkey, we may be astonished to learn how excellent living standards may be achieved at low costs.  

5. On average, the cost of living in Turkey is 59.36% cheaper than in the United States.

6. On average, rent in Turkey is 87.04 percent lower than in the United States.

7. The price of a meal in a restaurant in the United Kingdom is 300.59 percent greater than in Turkey.

8. Germany’s grocery prices are 120.64 percent more than Turkey’s.

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